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mikeThanks for poking around! Please use the comment tool below to “sign the guest book” and let me know you were here!

10 Responses to Guest Book

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  2. Gary Kanter says:

    Great site, Mike!

    Hope I’m the first to tell you!

  3. Chiefster says:

    “That was nothing, THIS is something!”

  4. Eric Dunn says:

    Mike: Just listened to “Tenants in the Trenches.” Keep up the good work!

  5. Ted Curtin says:

    Hey Mike – very cool! Man, you’ve made all that playing pay off – hope I’ll catch up to you some day….



  6. Div says:

    That really IS something!

  7. nice site mike.. love just 18, and, by the way , I’m not

  8. Jennifer Baily says:

    Mike – awesome site! First time I have visited and I will be back. Wish i could see you play live! Loved the words to Kennebec 🙂

  9. Liz Nason says:

    Great site, James will do a time at the Victory Mic at Tumbleweed this year. We will be there Saturday after noon until evening on Sunday. James will be playing 2pm on Sunday

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