I Can Feel the Wind.

This collection of 6 original songs covers themes ranging from melancholy looks at lost family history &  love gone by, to joyous takes on facing death & digging the dregs out of the honey jar. Recorded live in studio, it’s pure folk music: just my vocals and guitar.

You can listen to the songs below. If you want a copy of the CD for $5 (+$2 s&h), shoot me an email! Thanks!

Victory Music said: This brief, intimate folk statement is a delightful production…which brings together tradition and modern folk..Mike’s guitar at times is meditational, reminding me of the ragas of John Fahey… You can read the full review on their website.


A meditation on family history and assimilation. Standard capo 2.

Dance With God

Gospel take on facing death with joy in DADGAD.

Honey Pot Blues

I hate that coagulating. Drop-D.

Just Where to Fall

Meeting an old love, the muscle memory takes over. Standard.

Dyin’ For The Coal

My Western Pennsylvania homeland is still suffering from mines long closed. Double Drop-D.


Ode to a special place. Standard, Capo 2/Partial Capo 5.

The album was recorded and engineered by Jay Kenney, Audio Logic studio in Shoreline, Washington. Jay was a wizard to work with!

More recent tunes are here on the Attic Tapes page!

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