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“Looking through a window into the story of someone else’s life can be a real gift.  Mike Buchman’s heart is well connected to his familiar places and people, and his music dances with the joy of those connections. Mike’s outside-the-box wordsmithing has led him into some interesting and unique thought processes. Here’s a guy that’s not afraid to sing about the coagulation of honey, or feeding tubes or even God in the language of feeling. He has the gift of making an audience listen, because, truth be told, he has something real to say.”
~ Lynette Hensley, Editor, Victory Review

“Mike Buchman – he’s my hero!”
~ Jim Page, Troubadour

Some of my most profound aural memories: The chugging rhythms and careening voices of Motown blasting from my father’s Dynakit stereo; singing along with Broadway’s whip-cracking wordplay; the morning sun shining like a red rubber ball through the three-inch speaker of my sister’s transistor radio; a box of rain and a cinnamon girl crackling from my first hi-fi. My songs don’t really sound like any of these, but the way I think about writing songs is certainly influenced by them.


Meet the family!

My tunes explore life’s many journeys: birth, death, aging, finding love in the depths of the sea and loosing it in life’s debris. I fingerpick and strum, sing, hum, grunt and occasionally howl like a dog. I hope my lyrics tickle your mind and your heart.

I live in Ballard with my wife. Our daughter lives a couple miles away.  I like to play at Northwest CellarsCouth Buzzard, Tumbleweed Music Festival, Egan’s Ballard Jam House, and C&P Coffee Company.  I’ve also played at Dusty Strings, Conor Byrne, The Hotwire, Hopvine Pub, the History House Music in the Garden series, Tost, The Allegro, Haller Lake Community Club and the Festival of the Arts in Georgetown Maine. I am formerly a volunteer soundman, MC host, writer and board vice president for Victory Music. I pack lunches, haul the trash and bug my kid wife to clean the cat’s litter box. Our lawn needs mowed.

In my day job, I do communications work for Solid Ground, a human services and anti-poverty advocacy agency serving King County, where I produced Songs for Shelter, a CD compilation of Seattle musicians helping homeless families.

For booking information email: mikebuchman@yahoo.com.

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