Attic Tapes

Here are a few recent recordings from up in the attic. These are all picked fresh from the vine with minimal processing… 

Common Threads That Bind

Tumbleweed 2011 logo

My entry to the 2011 Tumbleweed Music Festival Songwriting Competition, which had the theme of Common Thread. I place just out of the finalist, being named the Alternate (or best of the losers?) but I was invited to perform the song at the festival’s closing concert!



It was Assisi I liked the best...

This is a song about lasting friendships.

Just to Make Things Fair
This is the story of my friend Peter Zimmerman, and all the people who find rental application screening fees a barrier to getting stable housing.

Nine Miles up the Skokomish

Open mic at the Q Cafe

A love song to my wife Martha and one of our favorite activities

traditional tune I learned from Uncle Tupelo and Redbird

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