Fall schedule and Tumbleweed wrap-up

I’m really excited about my little Fall Tour for 2011! I’ll be sharing the stage with some songwriting legends, including Kat Eggleston and Bill Davie, at venues from Egan’s Ballard Jam House to the C&P Coffee Company. All the details are on the Schedule page!

My song Common Threads that Bind was named the Alternate at the Tumbleweed Music Festival 2011 songwriting competition. Yep, ranked 11 out of 10! (Really 11 out of 40-ish, the best of the losers!) But, I was invited to perform it for the festival’s closing show and so had the chance to play to my biggest audience ever, some 250-300 people! It sounds much better live now than the little demo I sent in to the competition, but if you want to check that out, go to the Attic Tapes page and listen in.

Tumbleweed’s amazing community vibe makes it a really special festival. A big part of that was the Victory Music Open Mic stage. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped set up, MC and run sound. Hope to see you there next year!

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