Welcome to Mike Buchman Music!

“Looking through a window into the story of someone else’s life can be a real gift.  Mike Buchman’s heart is well connected to his familiar places and people, and his music dances with the joy of those connections.

“Mike’s outside-the-box wordsmithing has led him into some interesting and unique thought processes. Here’s a guy that’s not afraid to sing about the coagulation of honey, or feeding tubes or even God,
(all) in the language of feeling.

“He has the gift of making an audience listen, because, truth be told, he has something real to say.”

~ Victory Review

Welcome to my little corner to the web. I’m a performing songwriter from Seattle, WA. This site has some information about me, samples of my music & lyrics, performance schedule, photos and videos, articles I’ve written about some of my favorite musicians and other fun stuff.

Please poke around, listen to the tunes, sign the Guest Book, and let me know what you think!

I’m always looking for gigs at house concerts, cafes and other acoustic friendly venues. Email me if you have any idea!


This video was shot at the Victory Music open mic at the Q Cafe by my friend Steve Miller (not that Steve Miller). The song is called Just 18.

Playing at the "Songs for Shelter" benefit at Egan's Ballard Jam House, November, 2009

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