New gig, fresh talent

I’ve got a very special gig coming up Friday, Sept. 28th that I wanted to tell you about.

One of the things I love about volunteering to MC and run sound at Victory Music open mics is the opportunity to support burgeoning new talent. This gig is is like that awesome opportunity on steroids!

Friday, Sept. 28, 7:30pm. No cover!

On Friday, Sept. 28th at 7:30pm I’m hosting a songwriter’s showcase at the almost legendary Couth Buzzard (8310 Greenwood Ave. N, Seattle). I’ll swap songs with good friends Ahmad Baabahar and J.W. McClure. So what’s the big deal?

Opening for us, in her Seattle debut, will by Ahmad’s 15-year old daughter, Kreea Baabahar, who, mark my words, is going to be a special music maker before she is done.

It’s not just that Kreea’s bloodlines are strong, that her dad is a performing songwriter and instructor, her mom a sound healer, her grandfather a jazz and doo-wop hero. It’s that Kreea has a deep passion about her music and a striving commitment to her craft. She writes lovely songs that have a depth well beyond most teens. She has a soulful and powerful voice. And she is just starting to develop her performance chops. So her potential is ALL THERE, like a beautiful flower still wrapped in its bud, poised to pop open.


So come hear Kreea. Someday you’ll be able to say: “I saw her when…” And stick around for the old goats who follow. Ahmad, J.W. and I are an eclectic bunch–we all write pretty cool songs. And after listening to Kreea, we are all gonna have the biggest grins on our faces, I know it will make us sing our best!

The Couth is all ages, all acoustic, and all for free. We will, or course, pass the hat. I’ll be giving my share to Kreea… along with a request for beign on the guest list sometime when she hits it big.

Hope to see you there!

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4 Responses to New gig, fresh talent

  1. Ruth Buchman says:

    Sweet post!

  2. Eric Madis says:

    Good post, Mike! Sounds like a great concert with three great guys! I did not know that you know Ahmad also.

  3. evelyn forde says:

    I am so proud of Kreea, just wish I was that side of the water to hear her play, not to worry will be sending lots of positive fibes from London town!

    Much love always
    The Fordes

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